Started on Instagram in June 2020, Social Media Tea quickly turned into an industry favorite mostly due to a global pandemic that left many online professionals feeling exhausted in more ways than one. The account attracted thousands of followers across different social media platforms in its first year of existence.

Described as a "curator of industry drama," Social Media Tea is dedicated to highlighting the realities of working in digital marketing—especially social media—in the hopes that the people in the profession will be better respected, better treated, and better paid for the work they do every day to keep their followers informed and engaged.

You can learn more about the team behind Social Media Tea below. 

  • Alexa Heinrich (she/her) is the creator of Social Media Tea, which she started on a whim as a cathartic—and sometimes humorous—outlet for social media professionals and digital marketers. When she’s not posting quippy one-liners to the Tea Twitter account, Alexa works as the Social Media Manager for St. Petersburg College in Central Florida. She’s also a notable advocate for accessible best practices for social media and frequently gives educational presentations to organizations, brands, and conferences around the world. Alexa acts as the CEO and CMO of Social Media Tea, LLC.

  • Headshot of Austin Braun.

    Austin Braun (he/him) sussed out early on that his friend Alexa was behind Social Media Tea and eagerly joined her in causing playful chaos online; Austin is the former Digital Media Strategist for the University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Science and has since co-founded several engineering companies. He’s passionate about entrepreneurship, digital communications, the business behind platform management, how Gen Z uses social media, and experimenting with brand tone and persona. Austin acts as the CFO and COO of Social Media Tea, LLC.