How do I spill the tea?
Please spill your tea via the form we have on our Spill page. You will find it below the guidelines for submissions. We prefer that all confessions be submitted via this form because it auto-fills into a spreadsheet that we use to log everything in an organized manner. The form is completely anonymous, and your contact information is not stored upon submission. You don't even need to be logged into a Google account to fill out the form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at spill@socialmediatea.com.

When will my tea submission be posted?
Tea is served in the order that it's spilled to us. It will appear on our Instagram first, then our Facebook a few weeks later. We receive anywhere between 3–10 submissions a day, so we appreciate everyone's patience as we make sure that everyone's tea gets served!

Can I spill the tea more than once?
Absolutely! We just ask that you try to send each submission separately. It's easier for us to keep track of submissions that way. Thank you!

Are there any requirements for tea submissions?
If you visit the Spill page, you'll see some basic guidelines for spilling the tea to us.

Do you post new tea every day?
No, we do not. New tea is served Monday through Friday. The SMT team takes the weekend off in solidarity with our overworked peers and no tea is served on Saturdays or Sundays. Yes, we know we can schedule ahead (duh), but we'd rather not think about content management at all on Saturday and Sunday. We all deserve to routinely unplug and log off.

Does the same content get posted on all your platforms?
Kind of. New tea is served on our Instagram first and then again on our Facebook page a couple of weeks later. We try to keep our content staggered so different tea appears across our channels on a daily basis.

Do you post on holidays?
If a holiday happens to fall during the week, yes, we post on it. If it's on a Saturday or Sunday, we do not. In an effort to include all cultures and walks of life, we have chosen to remain neutral when it comes to holidays.

Do you ever post job openings on your social accounts?
No, but only because we get asked to post job openings quite frequently and that's not the purpose of Social Media Tea.

Who runs Social Media Tea?
The Tea team is made up of Alexa Heinrich and Austin Braun, both social media professionals. You can learn more about them on our About page.