The Social Media Tea team is very excited to read the tea you spill and cannot wait to share it with the rest of the social media community! If you're curious about any guidelines we have for tea submissions, we have you covered below. When you're ready to spill, use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your confession.  

  • Please refrain from calling out and/or naming specific people, brands, businesses, or organizations in your tea or any comments on our social media accounts. We keep all tea submissions anonymous, even if asked otherwise, and expect you to extend the same courtesy.
  • Try to avoid submitting tea that insults other professions within marketing, communications, public relations, and/or journalism. While we mostly highlight the woes and wins of working in social media, all areas of marketing and communications are fair game for confessions and deserve respect.
  • If possible, keep the mentions of any people in your tea age- and gender-neutral. This helps keep submissions as anonymous as humanly possible.
  • When it comes to length, we try to fit every submission comfortably into one of our colorful squares, which is about the length of a single tweet, so roughly 280 characters.
  • Avoid submitting tea with emoji or decorative icons in it. They make it harder for us to write alt text for our posts.
  • We’re not personally offended by cursing, but we do try to keep things vaguely PG-13, so we may add some strategic asterisks here or there if we need to.

As a reminder, Social Media Tea reserves the right to choose if tea is served or not. If we believe a submission to be slanderous or inappropriate, we may choose not to publish it. We are under no obligation to serve your tea. Our site, our rules.